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aunt mary's cooking

our background:

aunt mary's cafe is a tribute to the owner Jack's aunt Mary, who was a great southern cook and a remarkable woman. In her adventurous spirit, we strive to provide creative revisions of American comfort food using fresh local ingredients and from sustainable sources, with an emphasis on Southern, Southwestern and Texas cuisine. We are continually adding to our menus to keep it enticing and interesting, and we welcome comments/suggestions from our guests.

Located in the heart of the Temescal neighborhood, Aunt Mary's Cafe first opened its doors in September 2008, and relocated to our current location in October 2014. The café is envisioned to be a casual gathering place where friends can share good meals in a friendly environment. We wish to contribute to the vitality of this diverse and special neighborhood and make ourselves available to host community fund-raising events that will benefit local residents as well as the commercial district. We also strive to be socially and environmentally responsible in all aspects of our business.

We always accept resumes, esp. from those who are passionate about food and thrive in a casual but fast-paced working environment; drop it by!