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Tali Burry-Schnepp & Ana Neifeld.

"My art is figurative and observational, often depicting one central subject. While my work is highly observational it is not focused on realism or a literal portrayal of the subject. I am focused on the complexities of the living flesh, the fact that when looking at a human form you are seeing the surface, but you are also seeing everything underneath. From the skeleton to the muscle  to every experience that body has been through, I am interested in the way that these physical layers translate to our emotional complexity and the interrelatedness of the two. Though my interest in this relationship extends beyond myself and beyond the human race, my art is most frequently a reflection of my personal struggle with coming to terms with the mystery of this symbiosis."

   —  Tali Burry-Schnepp

"The relation between human emotion and color motivates my art. I am intrigued by the colors that are in between the colors which I think I see. I experiment with color by painting figures with an unconventional palette. I paint people because eye crinkles, furrowed brows, and posture tell a human story that is universally understood.  Each painting conveys its own feeling, whether it is of despair, sensuality, hope, longing, or love. Art for me is both a means of self reflection and exploration of the world outside myself. I explore the pureness of emotion by conveying it on my canvas."

   —  Ana Neifeld

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