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"Of The People / For The People”
— gouache paintings & glass art.
Tomye Neal-Madison.

"Since 2014, I've enjoyed easing into a full freelance Living Artist life. Why I added a tag line to my name, Tomyé: Living Artist, is to stimulate people to collect Art of living Artists.  There are skills I value, attained from technical high school and thereafter. A BFA and Masters Certificate later, I continue to enhance my talents. My previous 18 years employment was as an Art Recreation Specialist within Studio One Art Center and the Malonga Casquelourd Center For The Arts. For 4 years during non-teaching and program planning hours, within Studio One, I learned techniques of Stained Glass and Fused Slumped Glass. At one point, I realized the look of Stained Glass was a natural progression from my life long passion of depicting portrait and figurative paintings using Gouache paint applied in pools of color delineated by white paint lines.

I enjoy fabricating glass Art as part of my repertoire as a Visual Artist. The 3D aspect of glass engages more of my imagination.  When I paint, the images are illustrating stories. My glass creations are often playful portraits, abstract sculptures and unexpected experimental outcomes. When I combine, align or overlap pieces of various color glass, the interplay of light passing through is more exciting then my 2D Artworks."

*Tomyé Neal-Madison's art works will be featured on our walls through November, 2017.

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