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time to make art!
by Aunt Mary's Staff

There are worlds hidden inside of each of us; thought spirals and feelings just aching to be expressed in whatever way sutis our fancy. Creative expression allows space for anything and everything. It makes our child inside happy, especially when we let it happen naturally and be whatever it is. Whatever you can dream becomes real and celebrating each other as creative beings!

Aunt Mary's Cafe has always been a magical place of creative self-expression and unique flavor; a place where art is celebrated. In this space, community has been allowed to form and flourish through the people that keep it alive and running. The people that are serving you food and drinks and taking your plates away when you are finished have whole universes inside of them that come out in various ways: the way they move, the words they choose to speak, the clothes they wear, and in the magic they create in the world. Hanging on the walls around you, there are pieces of art created by these people that are just small inklings into each of these universes; a pin hole into the wild hearts and minds of this community. We are human beings: dynamic, unique, beautiful, talented, complicated, diverse, creative, imperfect, and connected.

We see beauty, color, and character in the world around us and we imagine our way into different ways of seeing the world and ourselves. We engage with humans and interpret the world through our own lens. As a result of our lives, we have arrived at this moment. Right now we are surrounded by the individual creations of the Front of the House staff at Aunt Mary's Cafe. It is a celebration of community and art; we are free to do, think, make whatever we want.

Thank you for being here! Thank you, life!

*Artist statement composed on behalf of Aunt Mary's Cafe FoH staff by Evelyn Schmelling

**Join us on Friday 3/3/17, 6-8pm for a casual reception to meet and chat with the artists