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pastel drawings.
jeff norman

"The pastel drawings displayed at Aunt Mary's Cafe are from a project I completed in the mid-1990s sponsored by the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery. Drawings from the Veterans Building was inspired by two communities of workers at the Veterans Building in San Francisco—the facility's custodial staff and the U.S. military veterans whose VFW posts have been headquartered there for decades. By choosing these two groups' work environments—rarely seen by the public—as the subject of my drawings, I sought to both honor them and build a bridge between their world and the world of contemporary art as represented by the Art Commission Gallery, which at the time was located in the Veterans Building and where these drawings were first exhibited.

Since then, I have completed several community-based art projects, most of which have been about Temescal, including the installation, Beyond the Pussycat: Nine Lives of a Neighborhood Theater; the city-funded Fire Station 8 History Walk; and the book, Temescal Legacies: Narratives of Change from a North Oakland Neighborhood. This exhibit at Aunt Mary's allows me to share with my Temescal neighbors my long-standing love of drawing as well as some of the antecedents to these more recent local community art projects."

   —  Jeff Norman

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