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juliet Mevi

"I am essentially a self-taught artist and painter. Born of immigrants and raised in a small farming community in the Central Valley of California, I was not encouraged to study art. Instead, I studied biology and eventually found employment as a health educator. For several of those years I worked and lived in Brazil.

Today, as a full-time artist, I incorporate my love of northern California, my ethnic heritage, and my love for adventure into an original style of painting. Although I call myself a painter, I actually draw. I draw with paint. My ideas for my "drawings" originate frommy collection ofmemories, photos, my immediate environment and images from the media. Once my concept is finalized, I use color as a tool to create tension, emotion, harmony and excitement. Recently I have added printmaking as another means of creating artwork.

Although I am self-taught, I strive for professionalism. My finished work expressed my passion to capture with line, form and color, my love of life."